Saturday, December 13, 2008

Four Chistmases

I saw the movie Four Christmases. It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it still lacked in almost every aspect. Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn had very little chemistry and the story lacked in almost every category. Its biggest flaw, for me at least, was it tried to be too much. With it making numerous attempts to be a comedy, a movie about the flaws of family and marriage, and tries to maintain a serious attitude when (*spoilers*) Reese and Vaughn break up over her almost being pregnant. It falls flat on its face in almost category and while there is funny moments in the movie it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth. However, the primary reason I was to see Jon Favreau (Director of Iron man, Elf, and host of dinner for 5). Favreau played Denver, Vaughn’s UFC fighter brother. The two funniest parts of the whole movie had were because of Favreau.

Anyway, if you have any desire at all to see this movie, please just wait till it comes out on DVD. It was defiantly in the range of high D to a low C. We’ll see how the movie sits in time; I know it was number one box office last weekend so who knows how it’ll do…

I’m also growing concerned for the general well being of my parents. I walked up stairs to use the restroom, and found them sitting on our couch smothered in blankets watching an infomercial on knitting. It becomes more and more apparent that the comic strip zits is based on real incidents worldwide.

Next time I’ll talk about the movie, The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke.

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Anonymous said...

OK, in my defense. I've never watched an infomercial on knitting. I don't know what you saw us watching, perhaps an ad for something on Ch. 9, but it wasn't a program I watched in it's entirety. Also, definitely is not spelled defiantly. And what's wrong with cuddling under some blankets? Mom