Monday, January 11, 2010

Do Pop Stars Dream of Decaffeination?

"Why are you drinking a Mountain Dew," asked the kid in gray.

"You mean Mtn Dew," responded the older man, sounding like foreigner as he gurgled the sound of Mtn in his throat.

"Whatever it's called, shouldn't you be drinking coffee or something? You're like, what? forty nine? Isn't it time you stopped drinking that caffeinated devil's piss?"

"I'll stop drinking Mtn Dew," again the older man gurgled the Mtn awkwardly in his throat, "when you stop bobbing your head to Mylie Cyrus songs."

The kid in gray hung his head in shame.

Joel Samson Berntsen (a lipitor commercial on the radio)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's All Put On Giant Suits And Dance Around

Today is the last day of my Christmas Break. It’s been weird.

The night before, the last ‘night’ of break, was spent doing relatively nothing till about four in the morning. I awoke to my parents taking turns banging on my door yelling at me to get up or my sleep cycle was going to be screwed for school. Bah.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the day with a dear friend watching Stop Making Sense, the live concert film of the Talking Heads, who I’ve recently become infatuated with. I loved the movie. I have yet to come to any complete conclusions about it though, or Talking Heads for that matter. I’ll get back with you.

Joel Samson Berntsen (Los Campesinos!- You! Me! Dancing!)