Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dangers of Beating a Horse to Death: an arguement for new technology in classrooms

Should teachers attempt to incorporate modern technology into the classroom (cell phones, facebook, twitter, blogs, wikis, movie-makers, etc.) or should there be a line between entertainment and education? Why or why not?

There is a line between entertainment and education, and teachers should be wary of simply throwing in random examples of how they're hip and still understand all the new technology, but that doesn't mean that education can't be entertaining and modern. New technology can be implemented successful if executed with patient procession and used with well-placed caution. By incorporating modern technology into the classroom, teachers have the capacity to draw in students and reach them in new and unique ways.

For example, a teacher could create a twitter for a class and have all the students follow it, this way the professor not only can easily remind them of due dates, upcoming projects, and tests, but the students themselves, if properly motivated, could create an extremely successful networking system. The chances of  successfully cultivating a community student network are much greater when on an established, well-known website such as twitter, than on a school-only site such as blackboard.

Another example is using facebook statistics in a math class: the likely hood of intriguing and roping in students using their favorite website could prove hugely beneficial to both grades and interest (an area arguable lacking in most math classes).

The world is always changing, and to keep educating the world's children teachers have to change with it. It is crucial that the modern teacher think outside the box and integrate new and changing technology into his or her teaching plan for the benefit of the constantly-changing student. Technology can stifle a classroom if the teacher opposes it, but use the right amount of old-school teaching with new school tech, and you'll have a very successful classroom.

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Anonymous said...

A very thoughtful and well-written column, with only a couple of gramaatical errors.