Sunday, April 10, 2011

One of the Best: Rest in Peace Sidney Lumet

Around the time Before the Devil Knows You're Dead came out on DVD, I read an article in Rolling Stone celebrating the career of Sidney Lumet. It was one of those articles that I just got completely wrapped up in -- one of those, "what are all these awesome movies and who is this awesome person, I need to know more, TELL ME MORE" articles. I went out and bought Before the Devil on dvd later. It opened with a kind-of raw sex scene though -- and my parents soon discovered and confiscated it and then proceeded to throw it away in the trash. But my love for Lumet was sparked.

There are eleven Lumet directed movies currently streaming on Netflix Instant Queue including Dog Day Afternoon, Network, and the Roger Ebert recommended Running on Empty. Go watch one if you've got netflix or just rent one if you don't.

Joel Samson Bertsen (History Lesson Part II - The Minutemen)

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