Monday, February 23, 2009

VW: And I don't want a Jetta

After a single of Vampire Weekend was recommended to me (Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa), I couldn’t resist purchasing the whole album. Vampire Weekend formed at Columbia University, they all graduated, got full-time jobs, and produced their debut album in their spare time. They’re considered alternative/afro-pop/new wave. The following is just me outlining the each track, nothing too special just my opinion.
1. Mansard Roof- Lyrically, the song shakes my brain, even if they’re a tad repetitive, the violin adds to the song along with familiarizing the sound of VW into your head. The keyboards are also fantastic, as they are in every song.
2. Oxford Comma- “All your diction dripping with Disdain” is my new favorite lyric. Ezra Koenig vocals narrate a wonderful
3. A-Punk- The pinnacle song of Vampire Weekend. Buy now.
So… I got tired of doing track analysis with less than two and ½ songs in. I apologize.
Vampire Weekend isn’t the newest or freshest band out there, but they display sharp, witty lyrics that actually forces intellectual thinking from the audience. As for the keyboards, bass, guitar, singing, and all the additional sounds throughout the album; Fan-Fucking-Tastic. A melodious tour of college life inter-mixed with stories of escapading women and mystic seaports.
Also, search for their music video’s if you have time. They’re rather astounding, especially oxford comma. T he whole video is one amazingly long tracking shot. It makes my heart of film flutter.
One last reflection, Walcott’s lyrics beside the wonderful violin almost certainly make it the crest song of the self-titled debut album.
Joel Samson Berntsen (Surprise! More Vampire Weekend)

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