Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today is a Great Day to Leer (A+ tutoring: week one)

Ok, well, the sign actually said, Today is a Great Day to Learn, but the n was practically chopped off and leering is always funny.

The first day was absolute chaos. Kids were everywhere with their confused guardians wondering the halls of a foreign elementary school. After waiting in the office for about an hour, they gathered all the A+ tutors in the computer lab. The vice principal basically called a class or grade and asked for volunteers. It was getting to slim pickings when I was assigned third graders. I was guided to the classroom of Mrs.Donze, the third-grade summer-school teacher. I expected that I would either have a serious problem with this teacher, or we’d get along smashingly. Neither really happened.

After the first couple of days I came to the conclusion that elementary summer school is kind of a joke. Of course, there were one or two kids who actually needed help, but other than that, none of the kids needed to be here. This was very pleasing to me in that I actually didn’t have to work too hard. Its summer and I’m a bum.

By the end of the week, I pretty much knew all the kids names and had a sense of how everything works. We stuck to a certain schedule in class and everything went by rather quickly. I had an idea to which students were my favorites and the ending of the week came hastily and left the crowded parking lot as fast as I could.

Joel Samson Berntsen (The Sharpest Lives-My Chemical Romance)


Brandon Foster said...

I am surprised/proud to see that I know/own 5 out of your last 6 songs at the end of your posts.

Joel Berntsen said...

HA! Considering we swap music and converse regularly, I'm not too surprised. But, still. That's pretty awesome.