Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Kinda Hot...

Hey oh, it's summer! Yes, it's finally here. The wonderful season of swimming, short skirts, and skin cancer. And it's never felt so good.

Actually, that last line was a lie. Due to the fact that it doesn't feel like Summer. When school got out, I didn't feel Joy or Sublime Happiness. I experienced a passing feeling of relief, but that quickly faded. My first afternoon of summer was spent mowing the Christopher's lawns, who were in Costa Rica (I know!). It's now my belief that their lawn is possessed by some strange demon that turns hard work into useless hours of toil. Needless to say, I spent over six hours on that lawn it still wasn't perfect. On the plus side, I did get to spend a large amount of time at a pool with a number of my beautiful lady friends.

But now the Christopher’s have returned and that responsibility has passed to heir Matthew Christopher (God rest his soul). I’ve started to A+ tutor at Blades Elementary. For those of you who don’t know, the A+ program is where you volunteer to tutor for fifty hours and in turn you’ll receive your first two years of comminute college for no charge. Pretty good deal if you ask me. More details to come on that.

Joel Samson Berntsen(Scary Kids Scaring Kids-Snake Devil)

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Brandon Foster said...

I feel exactly the same way. It doesn't really feel like summer--just a prolonged weekend. And I don't even have work, tutoring, or profuse mowing to blame.