Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh Patricia…

The following is a small collection of humorous quotes from our wondrous AP English III teacher Mrs. Weiblen.

“Well… you see… on Wednesday… You have a quiz...” After I asked her if we had on Wednesday.
“Hamlet, Prince of Darkness!”
“Do you still call them slacks” In reference to the varying names of pants.
“I can’t imagine drinking one beer, much less 30. I can’t even drink 30 diet cokes!” – I’m pretty sure she was talking about Fitzgerald or Hemmingway.
“I’ll stand here like a queen and you can lay down your essays at my feet as an offering.”
“Get on YouTube and feed in the unknown citizen... I mean search for.”
She was pointing her finger at certain individuals as she said “You’re talking! You can’t hear me! And you’re eating your lunch…” I was eating my lunch. It was quite tasty.
“I will personally cut off your fingers if you do that!” She was talking about something she didn’t want us to do in our research essay.
“I blame it on the fact that I’m old…” following her inability to remember who Saddam Hussein was.

“So, I’m really creepy,” Followed by “I don’t know I’ve never been creepy.”

“Then you’d prove I’m scum.” She proceeded to give me a dirty look.

"Your nails kinda look like they have a disease” – To Ally Gramlich after looking at her just-before-prom nails.


“Whatever I just said write it down.” This was after she discovered I was writing down all of her amusing comments.

Joel Samson Berntsen (White Room- Cream)


Katherine Wirtel said...

I for real was laughing out loud while I was reading this. I like it :]

Joel Berntsen said...

Glad to hear. Hopefully I'll turn it into a monthly feature.

Alex Wright said...

HAHA! Monthly feature FTW! Btw, on facebook, I posted a note! I was laughing for like ever! Go read it!