Thursday, March 26, 2009

Return of the King (or just some poor blogger)

Again, I return! I’m feeling a bit scatterbrained, yet I’m yearning to write something. So, if the following post seems sporadic, you now know the reason.

Yesterday, I gave a book talk to my AP English III class about the book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. Hoping for a reaction from Weiblen, who is a Baptist (something she states often), I went up with no note cards or paper, just the thoughts in my abnormal head and a brief passage on fake love. It went rather well. Kody Kolb said it was the only book he was genuinely interested in actually reading out of the other twenty four books presented. I was happy. I will most definitely be writing a review for the book. It is quite amazing.

While on the subject of English class, I received a 291/300 on my post modern poet research paper. Mrs. Weiblen simply wrote, “You write well,” on the grading sheet. I might frame it.

I’ve had a sudden realization that Paramore is also the feminine equivalent to Panic! At the Disco.

Closing the shop, my boss stopped by to watch some March Madness. We somehow got onto the topic of Alan Moore. We talked about his genius for about twenty five minutes. If you’ve read Watchmen, look at the fearful symmetry chapter. From the splash page in the middle, every single panel is symmetric and all the panels have to do with the same characters. This is just one small, obscure example of his intellect and brilliance.

Gran Torino a remarkable film. I’m going to write a critical analysis essay on it after I see it for a second time.

Next post will either be about the River Front Times or Pixar,

Joel Samson Berntsen (19-2000-Gorrilaz)


Brandon Foster said...

Just so you know, Panic! At the Disco is amazing. Panic At the Disco, however, not so much. The band used the exclamation point for its first release, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out," an awesome album that is definitely worth checking out. As far as "Pretty. Odd." (their second CD), I am far from impressed. They significantly changed their style and tryed to emulate The Beatles, which obviously failed.

Joel Berntsen said...

I agree, Nine in the Afternoon was fucking terrible.

Anonymous said...

Such Language!