Monday, May 25, 2009

A farewell to Patricia

Welcome, one and all, to another episode of… Oh Mrs. Weiblen! It’s been a sobering experience typing this out due to the fact that I only have one more class with her. Tears? Yeah, I’m kinda thinking so…

“(It) makes me sound very smart and know what I’m doing.”- On why we should all call and ask for our AP score the day they’re available

“Elbow. Elbow. Elbow”

“You know how little kids want to be stuff when they’re older… like a garbage man.” She said this unironically

“It has something to do with something but I don’t know what…” On Smoke Signals

“Yes, I really am the bomb.”- Justifying why we should really thank her for giving us a worksheet on Smoke Signals

“I snarl like a kid?!”

“Finally… It’s no longer a trick.”- Referring to the fact that the projector screen actually had something projected onto it.

“So, Tony… when you were twelve years old did you go to the mall dressed up as a girl?”

Later that day: “You can be a social butterfly when you put on the dress…”

“It’s been Pattye’s observation and, hm, it seems true.” On why she’s right

“He reads a hair ball or something he coughed up.” I think she was talking about Jim…

“I’m not really up on my dead body info” She was talking about Huck Finn. Also, this was written on my study guide. When she graded it, she saw the quote and said “EXUSE ME!?” I don’t think she realized I was quoting her.

“You may NOT use this one!” - She caught on later in the packet about me using the guide as a place to temporarily store her quotes. She scratched it out. This is endlessly amusing.

"Since I’m into name calling today, I might as well go into abuse…”- After joking Kody and yelling at some people

“You are the most pathetic laughers I’ve ever heard.”- Her review of our laughing skill while performing Death of a Salesman.

Joel Samson Berntsen (Campus-Vampire Weekend)


Brandon Foster said...
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Brandon Foster said...

You kinda look like a Steak N' Shake worker in that picture. Or a mormon...

Anonymous said...

1st, I agree with Brandon
2nd, haha you don't know who this is (which probably gives this away)
3rd, I told Mrs. Weiblen about the phone thing...
4th, If something is unironic, wouldn't it be bluntly/seriously/sans humor? unironic is like saying that was unfunny, yes that bad
5th, ignore my grammar you nazi
6th, I have a quote to add,
"You can't just go into a store and buy a pack of joints."

We should make the Misadventures of Pattye and base it on the random quotes that you've compiled