Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Party in the Castle Commons

We’re in the Shakespeare unit of College Composition. I’m enjoying it, mostly because how easily Shakespeare invents plausible conflicts and character motivation. I mean, almost every character goes through some sort of emotional dramatic character change that radically changes the plot or motivation in some important way.

My problem is the movies, the ones that have castles in them. There’s never anybody in them! In the climax of Hamlet, Hamlet, his mom, his uncle, and a friend turned enemy all are killed by getting stabbed, drinking poison, or getting stabbed with poison. And there’s only like fifteen people watching. Wouldn’t a giant dual with the most loved royalty of the land attract at least a couple more people than that? I’m sure this isn’t really realistic in a play because of the general lack of paid actors, but a feature film could easily fit at least fifty into a giant castle commons.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Here’s a clip:

Joel Samson Berntsen (Meadows of the Sea - T.REX)

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